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IdealIRC's interface

This document will give a brief overview of the interface.

IdealIRC window

IdealIRC's interface is built with a "sub window" approach, meaning that Status windows, Channel windows and Private messages / query windows is docked within the application itself.

The toolbar buttons, from the left

Sub window bar

Below the toolbar there is a list of sub windows. This toolbar can be moved freely around the edges of IdealIRC.
Right-clicking on a sub window button opens a menu with options relevant for the sub window.

Sub windows

Each sub window (each described below) has a common feature, that is showing some text in the "main portion" of the window, and an input box on the bottom. You can enter messages or commands into the input box.

Status window

This window displays messages arriving from the server. This may include rules and general information, connection information, etc. Announcements from the server might appear here as well.
Enter only commands in the bottom input-box.

Channel window

This window allows you to hold a group chat with other people. The list on the right hand side shows the current people in this chat.
Enter a message or a command in the bottom input-box.

Private messages / query window

This window allows you to have a one-to-one conversation with another person.
Enter a message or a command in the bottom input-box.