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A scripting language for an IRC client - or more specifically - one tailored for GUI clients with some form of user text input has some special requirements.

You could go about using the usual suspects like Lua, Pawn, Python, etc, but then it would become pretty awkward and/or tedious to define things like: custom menus, custom dialog boxes, event handling and custom commands. Even executing a /command from within the script would become pretty weird, in fact.

This language allows for creating custom menu entries, defining custom GUI dialog boxes, defining your own custom /commands and adding event handling for things like messages written in a channel and others.

The language inspiration is mainly from C, as most others. You would define various block types such as menu, dialog, function, hook (for event handling) and command.
The de-facto standard file extension for the scripts are .iis - short for IdealIRC Script.

This documentation assumes you have at least some prior experience with scripting or programming.
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General syntax rules